The quality of a building is measured by its ability to withstand wind and weather. Roof, facade, and windows must all be able to defy storms, and the foundations must be waterproof. A building envelope must fulfill its function under all conditions.

The same is true for the strategic orientation of a company. The selected strategy must deliver the required results even if the environment changes abruptly and conditions become harsher. The coronavirus pandemic ushered in precisely such a change.

Sika has passed this stress test. The Growth Strategy 2023 introduced in 2019 is resilient in times of crisis. Following the outbreak of the pandemic, Sika and its local management structure all around the world adapted rapidly to the changed market conditions in the various countries. The necessary measures were taken to protect employees, customers, and suppliers, while at the same time preserving consistent cost management, supply chains, and operating activities. Thanks to the rapid pace of implementation, business opportunities were exploited and additional market share captured. OUR YEAR 2020.