Sustainable Training Initiatives

Sika Business School

As a multinational company, Sika is still able to act as rapidly as a medium- sized enterprise and respond to business opportunities with high implementation speeds. To ensure that this remains the case, employee know-how must be kept in sync with current trends and market demands. In 2020, Sika spent a total of CHF 6.4 million (2019: CHF 12.3 million) on employee development. As a result of the pandemic, in 2020, many classroom trainings had to be postponed and have been partially virtualized.

The aim is to provide at least ten hours of training per year for each employee. In 2020, this figure stood at 10.6 hours (previous year: 11.4 hours). The focus is on external as well as in-house training opportunities.

Sika sees training and education as crucial for retaining and grooming its workforce. The company has a large proportion of longtime associates and is aware that it needs to keep these valued colleagues in particular up to date regarding their relevant knowledge and abilities.

Sika promotes the individual skills and initiative of its employees and encourages their entrepreneurial? engagement, at the same time as accommodating the company’s dynamic development. Sika recognizes, monitors and continuously improves the performance ability of its employees.

The Sika Business School provides global, hands-on courses in the areas of management and talent development as well as marketing and sales.

Sika Sustainability Academy

Sika Sustainability Academy
Image: Sika Sustainability Academy, Madrid

The Sika Sustainability Academy anchors the sustainability strategy in all regions worldwide, and creates the foundation for a strengthened implementation in the Sika business areas. The development and launch of a Sika Sustainability Academy program sets out to train employees from national subsidiaries as sustainability experts to enable them to spur, drive and accelerate the implementation of the? “More Value – Less Impact” strategy at a regional and local level. The aim of the Sika Sustainability Academy is to initiate more activities and drive further progress in the sustainability focus areas.

Local Sustainability Champions support the local management and teams in analyzing and prioritizing focus areas, codeveloping a “More? Value – Less Impact” roadmap, initiating and coordinating activities? with business relevance and building up a local sustainability committee to engage employees on all levels.